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Laravel Bootstrap Menu are helper to create dynamic menu within laravel. This helper temporary tested with SB Admin 2. So please be patient for further development.

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Laravel Breadcrumb are breadcrumb helpers for Laravel. It use bootstrap template, so you need bootstrap on your laravel layout.



The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

composer require hoaaah/laravel-bootstrap-breadcrumb:dev-master

or add

"hoaaah/laravel-bootstrap-breadcrumb": "dev-master"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


You can use this helper in your view. It also support blade template.

Breadcrumb Skeleton

This helper consist of this following code.

use hoaaah\LaravelBreadcrumb\Breadcrumb as Breadcrumb;

// ..........

$breadcrumb = new Breadcrumb(); // class
$breadcrumb->begin(); //required to begin breadcrumb
//your breadcrumb ---------------------------
$breadcrumb->end(); //required to end breadcrumb

Costum Homepage

This helper use url('/') as default home Url. You can change your home url with homeUrl method. The following code as an example.

$breadcrum = new Breadcrumb();
$breadcrumb->homeUrl = 'home'; // Use this if you want costum homeUrl, default to url('/');

Add Breadcrumb Item

You can use method add to add your breadcrumb. This method have two parameter,

  • label is a string. This param use for label of your breadcrumb. This param is required for add breadcrumb
  • url  is a string. This param use for link of your breadcrumb. You don't need to use 'url()' helper. This param is optional

The following code are complete example of breadcrumb item

use hoaaah\LaravelBreadcrumb\Breadcrumb as Breadcrumb;

$breadcrumb = new Breadcrumb();
$breadcrumb->add(['label' => 'Link 1']);
$breadcrumb->add(['url' => '/link2', 'label' => 'Link 2']);
$breadcrumb->add(['label' => $this->title]);
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